We are the inventors of the butcher apron.

Made by Schlachthausfreund since 1952.

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One of our inventions for your safety.

The metal mesh glove raptor. Made by Schlachthausfreund since 2012.

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We invented the detectable Glovefitter.

The Glovefitter®. Made by Schlachthausfreund since 2013

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75% of our total turnover is generated by our export business – we ship to over 100 countries worldwide.

Schlachthausfreund - Quality Made in Germany since 1949.

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Made in Germany

We manufacture our high quality products in Germany since 1949.

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The world’s first detectable re-usable apron.

Ledolin® Pure. One of our many inventions for your safety.

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Our rubber aprons

are LFGB-certified.

… are yours?

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Quality Made in Germany since 1949.

SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND GMBH was founded in 1949 and is a family business operating on an international level. We are premium manufacturers and suppliers of protective clothing and equipment for the meat and food processing industry. We are premium manufacturers and suppliers of protective clothing and equipment for the meat and food industry. Drawing on our passion, energy and expertise, we develop, produce and market items that offer the utmost safety and unparalleled quality. Be it innovative products of our own, unusual special development requests or top-quality standard items, we uncompromisingly do everything we can to reliably offer our customers the best possible products. In keeping with our family tradition, we regularly develop innovations for the market and optimise existing products. We aim to be one step ahead of the rest with our products. Many of our innovative product developments have become veritable classics.

In addition to the items we manufacture ourselves, we are proud to offer a wide array of high-quality products in the areas of protective clothing and food industry equipment. There are more than 1,000 items waiting to be discovered at or in our latest catalogue. Incidentally, we already boast a wide variety of detectable products in our product range.

With our efficient structures and highly qualified employees, we are able to react quickly and effectively to international trends and new market requirements. We were awarded globally recognised AEO certification in 2011, which means our products are given preferential treatment during customs procedures. As a result, our products find their way to the customers that bit quicker. We generate 75 % of our total sales with exports to more than 100 countries around the world.

Everything in our product portfolio is subject to our stringent safety and quality checks. Upon request, we also require our suppliers and business partners to regularly provide us with up-to-date laboratory reports regarding product ingredients and the food safety of the raw materials used. The safety of our products is corroborated by the renowned SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

As far as we are concerned, safety and quality also mean being a reliable partner for our customers: renowned rating agencies awarded us with top credit rating since many years.



As the leading German brand, as one of the leading brands worldwide, as inventors of the classic butcher’s apron and as creator of the TPU apron, we are particularly motivated to keep pursuing innovative solutions and practical new product lines in the work apron sector and to make these ideas reality.




All STAHLNETZ products comply with the latest European CE Norms and are permitted for use in food processing industries. We were one of the first manufacturers to have chainmail gloves and chainmail aprons tested and certified according to the present CE Norms EN 14328 and EN 13998. Our products are 100% developed in Germany to fulfill the current Hygiene and Safety regulations. They have been especially designed and developed for continuous use under strictest hygiene requirements.




In order to provide exactly the right type of cut-resistant glove to suit any of the varying work situations, we supply our STAHLNETZ cut resistant gloves made of different high-tech yarns, in varying fiber densities, in different colors and styles, with or without steel core. Our range covers all requirements, from the light, touch-sensitive cut-resistant glove for the knife-holding hand to the heavy-duty cut-resistant glove to protect the hand holding the items to be cut.




We are world-wide leaders in the product sector Knife Sheaths and Knife Scabbards for the food processing industry. A broad range of shapes and sizes provides safe but accessible retention for widely differing types of knife and butchery tools of all brands. This means we can always find the right scabbard to suit your purpose. Schlachthausfreund Knife Sheaths and Scabbards are specially designed for use with food products. They are easy to clean, practical, safe and robust.


„The people who love our SYLTER ROYALS think that Schlachthausfreund’s STAHLNETZ gloves are super! The Raptor is particularly good for use when opening our SYLTER ROYAL. Easy to pull on and pull off, they allow us to work “ungloved” between the steps of preparing our oysters.“

BINE PÖHNER Managing Director of Sylter-Royal

A friend since 2004.

pym"Schlachthausfreund means „The friend of the slaughterhouse” and they take the “friend” part quite literally. The qualities that occur to me when I think of Schlachthausfreund are: fast, straightforward, down-to earth and always friendly and helpful!"

TIM ELISSEN Sales Manager Technical Products Prym Fashion GmbH

The company PRYM.
A friend since 1975.


The first fully detectable NBR coated rubber butcher apron in the world.



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