SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND GMBH was founded in 1949 and is a family business operating on an international level. We are premium manufacturers and suppliers of protective clothing and equipment for the food industry. With our efficient structures and highly qualified employees, we are able to react quickly and effectively to international trends and new market requirements.

We are premium manufacturers and suppliers of protective clothing and equipment for the food industry. Drawing on our passion, energy and expertise, we develop, produce and market items that offer the utmost safety and unparalleled quality. Be it innovative products of our own, unusual special development requests or top-quality standard items, we uncompromisingly do everything we can to reliably offer our customers the best possible products.

In keeping with our family tradition, we regularly develop innovations for the market and optimise existing products. We aim to be one step ahead of the rest with our products. Many of our innovative product developments have become veritable classics.

We were awarded globally recognised AEO certification in 2011, which means our products are given preferential treatment during customs procedures. As a result, our products find their way to the customers that bit quicker.

We generate 75 % of our total sales with exports to more than 100 countries around the world. Everything in our product portfolio is subject to our stringent safety and quality checks. Upon request, we also require our suppliers and business partners to regularly provide us with up-to-date laboratory reports regarding product ingredients and the food safety of the raw materials used. The safety of our products is corroborated by the renowned SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

As far as we are concerned, safety and quality also mean being a reliable partner for our customers: the renowned rating agency Hoppenstedt awarded us its top credit rating in 2015 and 2016.

In addition to the items we manufacture ourselves, we are proud to offer a wide array of high-quality products in the areas of protective clothing and food industry equipment. There are more than 1,000 items waiting to be discovered at or in our latest catalogue. Incidentally, we already boast a wide variety of detectable products in our product range.

Innovation meets Tradition.

This is a small extract from our list of inventions and patents for your safety:

we invent the first waterproof and washable work apron for the food industry and receive our first Protection of Utility Model certificate (DGBM 1662084).

we are the first European manufacturer to make knife scabbards from hygienic plastic and apron material for the food processing industry.

we invent the first butcher apron with a replaceable neckband which can also be adjusted at both ends (DGBM 7719060).

we are the first to produce polyurethane foil aprons for the food industries and market them under our own protected trade name: LEDOLIN

we invent the first chain mesh glove with an hygienic plastic band which can be replaced without tools.

we invent the first chainmail safety glove with an exchangeable stainless steel closure.

we develop the first antibacterial polyurethane work apron which is powerfully antibacterial and fungicide without the use of harmful ingredients.

we develop the first stainless steel knife box which is cheaper than the cost of the contents it helps to transport, protect and/or be cleaned.

we now offer the widest range in colors, materials and style variations of any manufacturer known to us worldwide in the food industry work aprons sector.

we introduce the first PU work apron which has no bands, no closures, no hooks or rivets.

we can supply on request any polyurethane aprons 100% „METALFREE“.

we invent the first chainmesh safety glove with a patented spring closure band where the closure does not make direct skin contact and which has also been tested and certified as complying to the latest CE Norm for stab-resistant chainmail gloves EN 14328.

SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND receives the AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator). With immediate effect, our exports will get priority treatment from the customs and excise authorities.

SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND is official partner of famous German Chef Christian Rach and his restaurants.

Wide variety of detectable products now available.

Like in 2012 again in 2013, the well-known credit rating agency Hoppenstedt awarded Schlachthausfreund GmbH with a credit rating index of 1.

We are the first manufacturer worldwide to present TPU aprons LEDOLIN® Pure and our Glovefitter® glove tighteners in a detectable version. These aprons and glove tighteners have already been tested by a globally renowned meat processing company on marketplace-brand detectors and were found to satisfy all requirements.

As in 2012 and 2013 and again in 2014, the well-known credit rating agency Bisnode (formerly Hoppenstedt) awarded Schlachthausfreund GmbH with a credit rating index of 1.

SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND proudly presents the first Chainmesh Glove on the market with an intelligent Hook-Closing-System.

SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND presents the lightest work boots in the world.

As in 2012, 2013 and 2014 again in 2015, the well-known credit rating agencies Bisnode (formerly Hoppenstedt), Creditreform and Bürgel awarded Schlachthausfreund GmbH with a credit rating.

Only available from Schlachthausfreund: STAHLBLAU Finest Cutlery Germany. The new brand for top quality chef knives.

We present the first fully detectable NBR coated rubber butcher apron in the world.This apron can be detected by common metal- and Xray detectors, also in smaller material pieces. This increases the product safety within the production process significantly.

We are proud due our latest test results in the range of our cut-resistant gloves: all cutguard® cutresistant gloves reaches the best possible Level F.

We present the new Glovefitter® Neo: The economic alternative to the Glovefitter®

As in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and again in 2017, the well-known credit rating agencies creditsafe, Creditreform and Bürgel awarded Schlachthausfreund GmbH with a credit rating index of 1.

We are proud of our test results in our cut-resistant range: all cutguard® cut-resistant gloves achieve the highest possible cut-resistance level F. In the same year, we presented our Glovefitter® Neo, the low-price alternative to the Glovefitter®. And this year finds us once again with the top credit rating index 1, awarded by the rating agencies, creditsafe, Creditreform and Bürgel.

We now offer our LEDOLIN® PUre aprons and LEDOLIN® PUre sleeve protectors in white, blue, red, yellow and green.

We build for you! Another warehouse is being built on our premises. More space for products made with passion, which can then be delivered to you even faster. Completion in May 2021.