The first fully detectable carrying set for stab protection aprons.
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Here comes our latest invention: The cutguard ghost!

  • phantom thin: 18 G
  • incredibly good tactile properties
  • spooky weight: only 20 g for size M
  • scary good performance: Level F, TDM 39,7 N, ANSI A6, 2X43F

Welcome to the family:
now 2 in 1: xray & metal detectable

We build for you! Another warehouse is being built on our premises. More space for products made with passion, which can then be delivered to you even faster.
Completion in May 2021.

Increased performance and durability, not susceptible to repairs, ergonomic fit. Now available as fully detectable version.

Even better. The new raptor2

With its non-slip coating, the cutguard® bluetouch gripper provides the ultimate grip. Slipping on the knife handle is prevented, and safety is maximised.

The IFFA 2019 was a complete success!
Many thanks to our customers, the many interested parties and our team!


The first reusable, 100% biodegradable & compostable apron. Biodegradable in accordance with EN 13432 and ASTM D6400. Utility model pending.


The new inexpensive alternative to TPU aprons. 100% food safe. 100% durable. 100% PVC free.

SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND GmbH extends the cut protection program. All gloves comply with the new PSA Regulation 425/2016 and easily achieve the highest level of cut protection F. Results with the cut protection test acc. EN 13997 up to 97 Newton.

Our new superhero among our cut-resistant gloves: The CUTGUARD bluetouch knight. An extremely tactile glove with 13 gauge, stainless steel core, fiberglass-free, with extra-long cuff and heroic 43.8 Newton when cut protection test gem. EN 13997. Compare it to the competition!



At last: The alternative to conventional PU work boots! The same safety. The same material. The same production method. Much cheaper.

New! Our Ledolin® PUre products are now available in five fresh colours.


Our newest product combines cut and heat resistance – up to 500°C! A worthy new member of our CUTGUARD family!


We are proud of the fact that all Cutguard cut resistant gloves have been certified as per the newest regulation EN 388:2016 with highest possible level F.


We are proud to present our newest product: the cut-resistant glove cutguard monster

  • Tested and certified according to new standard EN 388: 2016
  • EN 388: 2016 – 3541F (höchstmöglicher Schnittschutzlevel F)
  • ANSI Level A9 (highest possible cut-resistant level A9)
  • EN ISO 13997: 94 N (to be achieved 22 N)


We present the first fully detectable NBR coated rubber butcher apron in the world.
This apron can be detected by common metal- and Xray detectors, also in smaller material pieces. This increases the product safety within the production process significantly.

An invention by Schlachthausfreund.


As in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.2016 again in 2017, the well-known credit rating agencies creditsafe, Creditreform and Bürgel awarded Schlachthausfreund GmbH with a credit rating index of 1.

IFFA 2016

63.000 visitors. 43 nations. 6 days business at its best.

One big thank you!

In 2016 at the IFFA exhibition we present our new invention:

Re-usable TPU aprons and glove tighteners which can be detected by metal AND X-Ray detectors.

An invention by Schlachthausfreund.

Cold and cut protection combined together in one product!

The cutguard thermo fulfils two demands, thermal protection and cut-resistance, in one product. Tested and certified according to EN 388, the cut guard thermo easily reaches the highest requirement for cut-resistance class 5 and provides an unusually good insulation in line with EN 511. The pliable fibres used in the making of this glove provide an incomparable comfort, even at low temperatures, for instance in direct contact with cold objects during processing and/or transport of refrigerated or deep frozen foodstuffs.

  • warm hands at low temperatures, certified according to EN 511
  • highest cut-resistance level 5, certified according to EN 388
  • food-safe, washable up to 85°C
  • high visibility blue color for better detection
  • extra-long cuff for improved safety
  • perfect fit, with soft lining for perfect comfort
  • unbeatable value for money

We are exhibiting and would be pleased to welcome you at our stand.

Hall 9.0 Stand A21

The Falcon has landed!

Schlachthausfreund bringt den ersten Stechschutzhandschuh mit Schlachthausfreund proudly presents the first chainmesh glove on the market with an intelligent hook system.

Your advantages:

  • Increased safety and versatility!
    Certified in accordance with the latest Norm CE EN 14328. Unlike most other gloves it is also permitted for use with mechanically driven blades and knives.
  • Intelligent hook CLOSING SYSTEM!
    The hook only hooks where it is supposed to, avoiding the annoying cross-hooking (for instance during cleaning or putting on / taking off) common to other brands.
  • Significantly reduced wear and tear!
    The intelligent hook does not damage the mesh, so the glove can be used for longer periods without repair.
  • Unique comfort!
    With our patented ergonomic glove shape.
  • Made in Germany!
    As always, quality and safety is our chief concern. We manufacture in Germany.

Our latest weapon in the fight for even more precise and faster apron production: laser technology!

Our factory has already started with laser-controlled production. So we can supply our clients with Schlachthausfreund quality as before but now even faster and with greater precision.

An excellent start to 2014!

As in 2012 and again in 2013, the well-known credit rating agency Bisnode (formerly Hoppenstedt) awarded Schlachthausfreund GmbH with a credit rating index of 1.

Only 3.3% of 4.5 million audited companies in Germany have achieved this outstanding result. Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH annually rates the creditworthiness of companies nationwide on a scale from 1 to 6.

For us, collaboration based on trust and reliability is of paramount importance. The seal designating our top rating of 1 is a guarantee for our suppliers and customers that they have a reliable partner at their side.

First again!

Once again Schlachthausfreund GmbH is ahead of the competition. We are the first manufacturer worldwide to present our Glovefitter® glove tighteners in a detectable version. These glove tighteners have already been tested by a globally renowned meat processing company on marketplace-brand detectors and were found to satisfy all requirements.

We would like to thank all of our regular and new customers for the resounding success of the IFFA 2013. We were especially pleased at the high number of trial orders placed by our new contacts who had been searching for a reliable, competent and trustworthy partner and finally found one…

We are exhibiting and would be pleased to welcome you at our stand.
Stand no. A21 / Hall 9.0

NEW – Available NOW: SCHLACHTHAUSFREUND GMBH detectable products

Optimum quality management in the meat and food processing industry and fulfillment of new legal requirements are only possible with the use of modern product inspection systems.

The use of metal detectors in the food processing industry is now regarded as standard practice. An effective detection system eliminates the risk of defective products, provides protection against expensive recall campaigns and ensures the adherence to industrial standards such as HACCP and other legislative requirements.

Schlachthausfreund offers detectable chainmesh safety gloves and aprons. This means that any rings which may have found their way into the meat can be localized by all commonly used metal detectors which work with x-rays or by the induction principle.

Apart from our own manufactured articles, we can also offer a wide range of other detectable products:

  • detectable cut-resistant gloves
  • detectable disposable gloves
  • detectable cotton undergloves
  • detectable disposable bonnets
  • detectable ear protection
  • detectable sticking plasters
  • detectable ballpoint pens
  • detectable brushes, shovels and accessories

Excellent! Credit rating index of 1 for Schlachthausfreund.

Like in 2012 again in 2013, the well-known credit rating agency Hoppenstedt awarded Schlachthausfreund GmbH with a credit rating index of 1.

Only 3.3% of 4.5 million audited companies in Germany have achieved this outstanding result.
Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH annually rates the creditworthiness of companies nationwide on a scale from 1 to 6.

For us, collaboration based on trust and reliability is of paramount importance. The seal designating our top rating of 1 gives our suppliers and customers the guarantee that they have a reliable partner at their side.

Schlachthausfreund is proud to be the official partner of SYLTER ROYAL.
The German high quality oysters SYLTER ROYAL are opened using STAHLNETZ safety gloves.

SYLTER ROYAL has been voted “Brand of the Century”.

Schlachthausfreund is official partner of famous German Chef Christian Rach and his restaurants.

We support the restaurant slowman with equipment and protective clothing.

AEO – Schlachthausfreund knows no frontiers!

From this date on, Schlachthausfreund’s goods will get easier access to simplified Customs procedures. This is guaranteed by the new AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator), which was awarded to us by the Main Customs Authority in Hanover after an exhaustive certification process lasting several months.

Schlachthausfreund applied for the certification as AEO at the beginning of 2011 and was finally granted AEO C status on the 25th August 2011 by the Main Customs Authority in Hanover. The AEO certification guarantees among other aspects that the procedures and goods movements involved in the international Supply Chain comply with customs regulations and safety and security requirements.

The advantage lies in the preferential treatment by the Customs Office of Imports and Exports. The Customs authorities recognize our incoming and outgoing international shipments as secure which in turn benefits our clients.

As a result of increasing globalization and rapidly changing safety requirements, the Customs Authorities around the world decided to create a globally valid framework for a modern and effective risk-management linked to Customs procedures. One of the European Union’s responses was the introduction of the AEO certification. This certification gives us many advantages in our dealings with the Customs Authorities.

In addition, our customers benefit from the following improvements:

  • faster shipping times
  • preferential treatment of shipments subject to close inspection
  • EU-wide recognition and implementation
  • The AEO is already a recognized seal of quality in international business throughout the world.