Metal mesh articles



All STAHLNETZ products comply with the latest European CE Norms and are permitted for use in food processing industries. We were one of the first manufacturers to have chainmail gloves and chainmail aprons tested and certified according to the present CE Norms EN 14328 and EN 13998. Our products are 100% developed in Germany to fulfill the current Hygiene and Safety regulations. They have been especially designed and developed for continuous use under strictest hygiene requirements. Our ringmesh articles provide a variety of solutions which enable the user to accurately achieve the particular profile required in the specific area of use. Our chainmesh gloves and chainmesh aprons are not only used in the meat processing industries. Our products are also highly suitable for use in the fish and poultry industries, in gastronomic as well as in industrial kitchens and food preparation areas and also as oyster gloves.

Long-standing and satisfied clients in the automobile, textile and leatherworking industries, together with forestry workers and hunters all swear by the quality of our STAHLNETZ mesh gloves and mesh aprons. Thanks to our wide range, we can offer exactly the right type of chainmesh glove and chainmesh apron for every work area. With STAHLNETZ Chainmail Protection, you are always on the safe side! Tested and certified in accordance with EN 14328 “Gloves and armguards protecting against cuts by powered knives” and according to EN 1811 “Nickel release”. CE-tested according to the European Norms EN 420, EN 1082-1 and EN 13998 in accordance with the regulations of the European Guidelines 89 / 686 / EU concerning personal protection.